Thomas Huard, PhD

Thomas Huard has a PhD from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in microbiology/immunology and specializes in all aspects of design, management and technical oversight of clinical laboratories and diagnostic testing.

Dr. Huard was the chairman of the molecular diagnostics best practices team at Quest, the largest molecular diagnostics lab in the world, for over a decade. He has more than 30 years of clinical laboratory experience in a variety of disciplines, including virology, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics, infectious disease, tissue and organ transplantation, immunohematology, chemistry, toxicology, genetics, forensic identity, oncology, flow cytometry, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Huard is a member of the American Association of Clinical Chemists™ (AACC), Association for Molecular Pathology™ (AMP), American Association of Blood Banks™ (AABB), and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association™ (DATIA).