Tim Allen

Tim Allen has developed a significant track record of creating, structuring and sourcing private transactions. His affiliated companies have provided private investment management services by offering a variety of investment products across a number of diverse sectors. The sectors include stock, mutual, and hedge fund investment management, commercial real estate investment, commercial secured mortgage lending, mezzanine financing, private equity and corporate acquisitions.

Allen’s interest in alternative investments started as a college intern when he learned about trading of futures and commodity contracts. Eight years later, he was awarded the opportunity to own, operate and manage a branch office of Raymond James where managed an office of 25 Investment Advisors. In 1999, Allen was named to the Raymond James Executive Council and the following year was named to the President’s Council.

In 2003, Allen sought to bring his entrepreneurship to the next level by opening his own NASD/FINRA Broker Dealer, Allen Konrad Asset Management (AKAM.) He held the position of President and CEO of the company up until he sold his interest to his partner in 2006.